Health Kick Reloaded

Ok, anyone that has actually been reading my blog for a bit knows that every now and then I post a set of goals that I label Health Kick. Thus far I have failed at every attempt. So I’m changing my approach. I’m still going to track everything and post it as I have for the last two years but I’m going to approach my goals differently.
My new approach is to pick a single task and make it a pattern before adding another. And if I fail at a new or old task then I’ll drop the latest tasks until I get back into a pattern on the aeries established ones. My first task that I started on October 1st is walking at least 10k steps a day. So far I’m 100% on this so I’ll keep it going. I think my next task will be eliminating potatoes from my diet but I haven’t decided when I’m going to start that one. Also, I want to get back on the couch to 5k training program although I think I’m going to alter it.
Here’s where I’m asking for your input. Can you suggest tasks that I can slowly introduce? Nothing extreme or complex. Just changes that I can incorporate into my individual program. Maybe something that has worked for you or someone you know. Thanks and I’ll try to keep more frequent updates.

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