Affiliations and Disclosures

Here are companies and organizations that are currently supporting my works in an official capacity. If I recommend or endorse a good or service for some sort of compensation then I’ll disclose it here.*

Companies: – I decided to sign up for the affiliate program because I knew that I would be posting items that I purchased in this blog, I knew that others may be interested in purchasing or just researching items from Amazon’s site as well. I don’t foresee much of an income from this but one never knows. Being involved in this program will by no means influence me to prefer Amazon over other companies more than my current opinion of Amazon. In other words, I do shop there and other people shop there so why not make a small percentage if I link people there.


I am currently not receiving any direct support (salary or freelance fees) for my ideas in this blog. Therefore I am not a professional writer/blogger. The ideas, stories, images are mine and I claim copyright on all works within this site.

*I am not a lawyer nor do I claim that I give or have received any legal council related to this blog.