Running Shirts

So over the last couple of years I have been in a handful of events and all events give out shirts it seems. Anyway, here are my shirts with my results. A time with an asterisk(*) is an unofficial timing done by me as there probably wasn’t an official timekeeping for this event.

Corporate 5K – April 12th 2012

Photo Nov 25 12 16 16 PM

Time – 43:33*

Operation Giveback 5k – May 5th, 2012

Photo Nov 25 12 24 33 PM

Time – 38.27.6

Color Run – January 13th, 2013

IMG 7402

Time – 40:07* (2.95 miles)

Gr8 to Don8 5k – April 6th, 2013

Photo Nov 25 12 27 23 PM

Time – 42:57*

Corporate 5k – April 18th, 2013

Photo Nov 25 12 28 01 PM

Time – 43:10*

Operation Giveback 5k – May 11th, 2013

Photo Nov 25 12 22 20 PM

Time – 42:09.270

Secret Lake Runyak – August 24th, 2013

Photo Nov 25 12 19 23 PM

Time – 56:53 (dead last)

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Health Kick Reloaded – End of 2013 update and review

At the beginning of October I decided that I needed to get into a routine with my exercise and make a habit out of it. Here is the first post related to this followed by the update. The process that I wanted to follow was to set one goal and keep with it until it became a pattern. Then once I felt comfortable I would add another goal. The first goal I wanted to obtain and stick with was walking (or running) at least 10,000 steps a day. As of yesterday (12/28/2013) I have missed my target only 12 days out of 88. I totaled almost 932k steps over those same 88 days which gives an average of over 10k steps per day. I’m pretty happy with how well I stuck with this goal.

In November, I decided to add a secondary goal of restarting the Couch to 5k program in order to add running to my goals. I choose to start from the beginning of the program and take my time advancing through the weeks as opposed to forcing myself to advance through the weeks. I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable with the effort and my health before moving to the next week. I moved through the first three weeks on the regular schedule and I felt pretty good. My first workout for the fourth week went horrible. I decided that I would create my own “week” to go between week three and four of the program. Shortly after that I fell off the wagon on my running program so I’ll have to start it back up in the new year.

So what’s next? Well, I’m going to get back into running. Once I get that into a pattern then I’m going to look at getting my diet under control. I have a few ideas in this regards but if you have any input or suggestions then throw them in the comments.

Year in Review

1/10/2013 – The Color Run – 2.95 miles in 40:07 minutes

2/23/2013 – I was supposed to do a trail run/kayaking event but sprained my left ankle while removing my kayak from my truck. This put me out of action for a while although I could walk on it almost immediately. I think I caused some permanent damage as now it’s ten months later and I still have some discomfort in that ankle.

3/5/2013 – I got back to running a bit and it actually felt better after running than it did when walking.

4/6/2013 – GR8toDon8 5k – 3.2 miles in 42:57 minutes – I did all right but my right calf muscles were extremely tight and painful for the whole race. This really made it difficult to keep any sort of pace.

4/18/2013 – Corporate 5k – 3.21 miles in 43:10 minutes – I didn’t feel injured but I definitely did not feel good throughout this run. I don’t know if it was the lack of energy or not being hydrated enough but I just had to drive on will power alone.

5/11/2013 – Operation Giveback 5k – 3.1 miles in 42:30 minutes

May – October 2013 – I’m not certain why I didn’t exercise in a consistent manner but this helped inspire the Health Kick Reboot. I then went to England for a week and spent a ton of time walking around London and I knew that my body could handle it.

8/24/2013 – Runyak – 2.5k run – 5k paddle – 2.5k run – I don’t think I got the mileage correctly calculated but my time was 55:42 minutes. I was the last one to get into my boat. I caught up to and passed 5 or 6 others. Then I was the dead last person to cross the finish line. But at least I finished. I enjoyed this race but it showed me just how out of shape I am.

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Health kick reloaded – November update

So in my previous post I stated that I was going to go about changing my behaviors surrounding my health one change at a time. My first change was that I was going to do at least 10,000 steps each and every day. With the exception of one day I have kept up with that. Based on my fitbit, that works out to be 349,600 steps or 162.71 miles. Pretty awesome if I do say so myself. My eating habits haven’t changed nor have I lost any significant weight or inches but I feel like I’ve accomplished something by sticking with something for a whole month.

Now for my next challenge. I’m going to restart the Couch-to-5k program again from the start. Tonight was my first night and for not having run for a long while it was difficult. I was able to complete all of my intervals but it was definitely tough. It’ll be better the next time. Wish me luck!

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Health Kick Reloaded

Ok, anyone that has actually been reading my blog for a bit knows that every now and then I post a set of goals that I label Health Kick. Thus far I have failed at every attempt. So I’m changing my approach. I’m still going to track everything and post it as I have for the last two years but I’m going to approach my goals differently.
My new approach is to pick a single task and make it a pattern before adding another. And if I fail at a new or old task then I’ll drop the latest tasks until I get back into a pattern on the aeries established ones. My first task that I started on October 1st is walking at least 10k steps a day. So far I’m 100% on this so I’ll keep it going. I think my next task will be eliminating potatoes from my diet but I haven’t decided when I’m going to start that one. Also, I want to get back on the couch to 5k training program although I think I’m going to alter it.
Here’s where I’m asking for your input. Can you suggest tasks that I can slowly introduce? Nothing extreme or complex. Just changes that I can incorporate into my individual program. Maybe something that has worked for you or someone you know. Thanks and I’ll try to keep more frequent updates.

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