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Bruised shins and sunburn

I guess I've gotten into activities where minor injury and pain is pretty much the norm. With Geocaching I get sliced by saw palmettos, stabbed by thorny vines, and bitten by mosquitoes and various other insects. With hiking I've gotten muscle aches and blisters. I've grown accustomed to those aspects of my new hobbies. But yesterday I went jetskiing on a friend's jetski. I swear I am hurting in places I didn't know existed. The jetski that my friend owns is narrow so it is quicker in turns and easier to do tricks with. BUT as a side-effect of this narrowness it is fairly difficult to re-mount if you happen to fall off. Falling off seems to be my favorite activity on this thing at least from the perspective of any onlookers. In getting back on I would fall off and usually strain something or bruise something. My poor shins are sooo bruised that it was hard for me to walk last night. I also forgot to put on sunscreen before I get burnt. Oh well, the price you pay for having a good time with no worries. And I had a really good time.

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