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In preparation....

I have a couple of friends, Bill and Shannon, that are about to have a baby in a few of months. Another set of my friends, Aaron and Mary Jane, are throwing a baby shower/BBQ get together for this occasion. With about 20 people invited they were having a difficult time finding a location to host the party so Aaron begged me and I will be the hosting location. This means that this will be the first "party" that I have had at my house since I bought the place. This also means that I need to clean my house and prepare it to be presentable enough for guests. I worked on finishing my baseboards last weekend but I became lazy and didn't get too much of that accomplished. I also had my Uncle Richard visiting while he was in town for the Army Reserves. I have a ton of stuff that I should do. Oh well.....time for another game of Warcraft3.

Post party thoughts

Richard Lewis!!!