Aaron Martina is an Florida based programmer and an international man of mystery. Well, he's not all that mysterious but he does travel the world now and then taking photos, eating interesting foods and diving the depths.

Bats of Austin....

Staying in Austin for work, I walked to dinner from my hotel. While at dinner I asked the waitress why everyone was hanging out on a nearby bridge. Her response was that there was a congregation of bats living under the bridge and everyone was waiting from them to fly at from their home at dusk.
Upon finishing dinner I began to walk across the bridge to return to my hotel. I stopped every so often to look over the edge of the bridge to see if any bats were flying about. At first I didn't see any. Then a few started to come out. They started to circle the supports of the bridge. Then it seemed as if there were thousands of them. It was a torrent of bats constantly circling the supports of the bridge. People were taking flash photos that illuminated many more bats.
It was an awesome sight.

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