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Himalayan Photography Trip - The Gear

As I mentioned in my previous post I am going on a trip to Asia in April. This is a photography workshop where we will be visiting many places in Nepal and Tibet in order to get immersed in different cultures as well as having great opportunities to improve our skills as photographers. Frankly, I need a lot of improvement.

Because this is a lengthy trip and there will be some trekking in the Himalayan Mountains I've had to accumulate both photography gear and cold weather trekking gear. I think I have most everything I'm going to need and I have listed it all on my gear listing but there are still a few odds and ends to be added.

As I continue to fill out what I'm taking on the trip I will be updating the page. I'll also add in my thoughts about the items before, during, and after the trip for their effectiveness and usefulness. Some of the gear, a good portion actually, I'll be able to use on future excursions but items like the -30F sleeping bag has limited use in Florida outdoor life.

Himalayan Photography Trip - The journey starts - days 1 through 3

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