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Health Kick Update April 2012

If you have been following my interests as of late then you would know that I am on a health kick. As part of this self-imposed improvement program I have made sharing my progress (or lack of) public so that you, my family and friends, can assist in motivating me.

Food Intake

I continue to log all of the foods that I eat. I still have been eating way too much junk but I know how much junk I consume. I have switched from logging my food using the fitbit site and app to using loseit.com. Loseit connects up to the Fitbit site so I get the same benefits of having my calorie intake and expenditure together. I currently have a 2642 calories per day goal which I would say that I stay under about half the time. Which sadly means that the other half of the time I am over my limit. I have not really started eating better but I have noticed that I am eating more salads. My weakness has been ice cream such as Jeremiah's Italian Ice. I also haven't given up on french fries or other potato based foods.


I continue to weigh myself every morning with my withings scale when I am home and I am still fluctuating between 225 and 230 (most recently hovering around 227). I'm not happy with these results, or better yet lack of results. I've not had the will power or drive to improve as much as is needed.


Since my last update I have some good news and some bad news so I'll start with the bad news. I had injured my elbow (I think I bruised it) while playing wallyballand it forced me to stop progressing on my pushup goal. This was at the beginning of the year and I have yet to get back into doing pushups. I think I'll start over on the program starting this week.

The good news is that I signed up to run a 5K in mid-April. Since the time I signed up until present I've been attempting to train for the run using the Couch to 5K(Cto5K) program. After trying out a handful of iPhone apps I finally found one, iSmoothRun, which allows me to set up interval training to fit my needs. It also tracks my run via GPS when outside or accelerometer when on a treadmill.

My progress on the Cto5K program has not been without it's issues. I seem to have a lot better workout when I'm on a treadmill than when I'm running outside. Also, I have all sorts of brick walls that I have hit. During week two of the program I pulled muscles in both of my calves which too me out of running for about a week. Then in week four I tweaked my back which again took me out for about a week. I had about a week at which point I finished week four but then I developed a cough that took me out for another week. And that's where I sit now. So I'm going to start up again this week which will begin week five. If all goes well then I'll be able to finish week five and some of week six before the race. I should start looking into more races.


Here is a restatement of my goals and where I am on each

  • Reduce weight to 190lbs - I'm at 227lbs now
  • Reduce waist size to 36 inches - currently 43.5 inches
  • Ability to do 100 pushups
  • Ability to complete a 5k run - I have completed week 4 of Cto5K

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