Aaron Martina is an Florida based programmer and an international man of mystery. Well, he's not all that mysterious but he does travel the world now and then taking photos, eating interesting foods and diving the depths.

Mini-posts: The Real Florida 5k

Last weekend a "ran" the Real Florida 5k in Wekiwa Springs State Park. I think this is the fourth time that I have participated in this race and I think this might have been my worst attempt. I had been running a bit more lately but I'm still not in shape. But regardless of my preparation my legs decided not to show up. I felt horrible relatively early in the race and I tried to push myself but my legs just didn't want to cooperate. I even stopped and loosened my shoelaces thinking that that would alleviate the tightness in my calves and the numbness that was starting to creep into my feet but I think I was too far gone by that time. Also, I don't think I hydrated enough the day/night before and that is totally on me. Anyway, I finished so there is that. I don't believe the race was chip timed and the official time I got was 48:53 although my time as I clocked it was 47:46.

Hawaii 2017 - Part 5

Hawaii 2017 - Part 5

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