Aaron Martina is an Florida based programmer and an international man of mystery. Well, he's not all that mysterious but he does travel the world now and then taking photos, eating interesting foods and diving the depths.

Mini-posts: A Change in Hosting

As you have noticed I have switched my hosting from Dreamhost and running a Wordpress instance to Squarespace. Dreamhost worked for me mostly for the last decade but the couple of issues I have had with a change in focus with what I wanted to do with the hosting company lead me to the change. I also moved my domain over to Hover. I’m using all of this as the impetus to write more of my life down. Over the past four years I have been extremely lackadaisical about chronicling the big events in my life. I plan on correcting that now as I transition to this new site. Expect more content if not on a more regular basis then at least at a more frequent one. 

Events to be written (probably in random order)

  • Two Ingress anomalies in Orlando
  • Trip to NYC
  • Finish the trip to England
  • Trip to Peru and Galápagos
  • Electric Daisy Carnival
  • Earth Day/Birthday
  • Family reunion 2016
  • Riverside dash

…and more.

Fort Rock 2017

Mini-posts: Riverside Dash 5k