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Mini-posts: The Best nation in my mind…procrastination!

Even as I write this post about procrastination it brings me back to a few days ago when I first thought of writing this exact post. But a will prevail over this post and maybe it will help me slay this slothful beast that clings to my back in the most warm and comforting way.  

I continually have a dozen or so projects that I have in process or maybe are just a spark of an idea I would like to tackle. I also have career related tasks that need to be worked on. I have to attempt to diet and exercise. Pile onto that hobbies and clubs that I would like to stay active in. Throw in friends that haven’t communicated with directly in a long time. Finally, top it off with all of the latest media, social media, and news that keep me current and not feeling like I’m behind. These sound like a ton of excuses but they are just part of what hit my decision paralysis and I fall back to a default position.

My default position seems to be one of sloth or laziness. This leads to procrastination. Why conquer something on my todo list when I can binge watch a show on Netflix or venture down a rabbit hole on YouTube. Why get something constructive done if I can spend 2-4 hours playing Ingress.

i know there are tons of ways to deal with time management or processes to combat procrastination but I just don’t have the will to take those on. 

i doubt I’ll change but who knows. I just needed to get this out there so that I can return to doing something mindless.  

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