Aaron Martina is an Florida based programmer and an international man of mystery. Well, he's not all that mysterious but he does travel the world now and then taking photos, eating interesting foods and diving the depths.

Mini-posts: The Rising 5k

Once again I braved a chilly October morning in order to attend Oviedo Historic Society’s The Rising 5k. I woke up before the sun rose and trudged out to downtown Oviedo. I was entirely unprepared and out of shape for this run but I wanted to do it and complete it. My unofficial time was 44:12 (for 3.16 miles). That’s three minutes slower than last year and four and a half minutes slower than the previous year. I also had numbness in my right foot and pain/discomfort in my left Achilles’ tendon. But I completed the run.


Official time: 44:25.74



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