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Mini post: And then 20 years have gone by

As of today I have worked for IBM for 20 years. I feel a great sense of accomplishment at hitting this anniversary. When I joined in 1999 the world was in the midst of the Dot Com Boom and being hired into a technology company after getting a computer science degree was almost a sure thing. When I was courted by IBM it was by way of flying up to Atlanta where there was a massive interview/job fair at an airport hotel. I had like three interviews and one gave me a secondary interview and an offer. I had a couple of other job offers outside of IBM but none were as enticing as the IBM offer. At the time I figured that I would stay with IBM a few years and venture into the Dot Com wilderness. That idea evaporated just as the Dot Com world imploded a few years later. But I have no regrets.

Over the years I have had a tons of ups and downs in my career but mostly ups. I have met some amazing people over the last two decades. I have traveled all over the United States and a few other countries. I have been involved in some great projects. I've also seen some crazy stuff. I've witnessed some of the worst traits in people. I would like to put all of the bad stuff behind me and continue the journey on a positive heading.

I may not be with IBM forever but I don't see my relationship with Big Blue changing in the near future. I am grateful for what IBM has done for me and I hope IBM is appreciative of the time that I have been with the company.

*Disclaimer: I think I have to put something like this in here to be on the good side of the IBM social media policies. Any opinions on this site are mine and mine alone and don't reflect those of IBM.

Running in April

Running in April