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Podcasts That I Enjoy - "We're Alive" & "We're Not Dead"

Over the last five years or so I have been entertained and enlightened by a number of podcasts. I figured that they have brought me endless entertainment and have educated me so I should share them with my readers. So, as I have the time and the will to write-up a synopsis and a review I will post them up and maybe that will help others find interesting content. I'll try to do this relatively regularly, like once a week, but as I have other topics I would like to write about this is probably a pipe-dream of a schedule. Maybe these posts will spark some community and others will share their own podcast lists with me. Speaking of a list, I will try to keep an updated page with all of the podcasts that I consume and links to my posts about them here.

We're Alive: A story of survival

This show is reminiscent of a radio serial from the '50s and '60s but it is about a zombie apocalypse and how a group of survivors deal with the new world and each other. It was created by KC Wayland and Shane Saulk although KC Wayland is the main driving force behind the story since the end of season 2.

It is very entertaining and the production level of the show started pretty good and has gotten better through its two and a half seasons. The show is broken into chapters and at the writing of this post the 32nd chapter was the last to be released. Each chapter is typically broken into three parts ranging in length from about 15 to 25 minutes. The chapters are released monthly with a new part of a chapter releasing on Mondays. This leaves a lot of waiting time between chapter parts but you can fill that time by visiting the very active community in the forums.

I found this podcast in late June/early July and I ran through all 31 chapters within two weeks. I have been really interested in all things zombie related lately and this definitely fills that niche.

There is a thriving community surrounding this show with a forum, wiki, live shows, web chat, Facebook and twitter. There is even a fan podcast called "We're Not Dead" which I'll talk about next.



We're Not Dead: A podcast about a story of survival

This is a fan/community driven podcast about the "We're Alive" podcast. It is the brainchild of Brittany Bromracher and Greg Miller although Britt and nikvoodoo typically run the shows with Beezeballs (I couldn't find his forum profile) doing the editing. The podcast typically releases weekly on Fridays and follows up on the last chapter part that was released of We're Alive and goes through a summary of the episode, theories about what is happening or going to happen, and questions from the other fans. There is a ton of banter amongst the guests which sometimes include cast members of the show or other highly active members of the "We're Alive" forum/community.

I latched on to this podcast after listening to all of the shows of We're Alive. I really enjoyed getting to hear other perspectives from shows in the past as well as the predictions that the hosts made already knowing whether they were correct or not. I think if I were to do this again I would have listened to them in the correct order with the episodes of We're Alive so that I didn't have future knowledge (a.k.a. spoilers). This is how I have it set up for all future episodes of both shows.


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