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Podcasts That I Enjoy - The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

Over the last five years or so I have been entertained and enlightened by a number of podcasts. I figured that they have brought me endless entertainment and have educated me so I should share them with my readers. So, as I have the time and the will to write-up a synopsis and a review I will post them up and maybe that will help others find interesting content. I'll try to do this relatively regularly, like once a week, but as I have other topics I would like to write about this is probably a pipe-dream of a schedule. Maybe these posts will spark some community and others will share their own podcast lists with me. Speaking of a list, I will try to keep an updated page with all of the podcasts that I consume and links to my posts about them here. The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

This amazing show is a wonderfully entertaining and educational. It takes on news and noteworthy items each week and approaches them from a skeptical angle. The podcast is hosted by typically five hosts that refer to themselves as rogues and are lead by Dr. Steven Novella. He is generally accompanied by his brothers Jay Novella and Robert "Bob" Novella as well as Evan BersteinRebecca Watson and the late Perry DeAngelis. Each episode lasts about an hour to an hour and a half and consists of a bunch of topics that concern skeptics from homeopathy, anti-vaccination, and even Bigfoot. The rogues also delve into topics of science and logical fallacies. There are a few key segments of the show besides the main news topics which include "This Day in Skepticism", "Who's that noisy", "Science or Fiction", "Quickie with Bob", and the "Skeptical Quote of the Day". Many episodes include interviews with noted skeptics and scientists. There are even live shows at large skeptical conferences around the world.

I truly love this show as it is very enlightening and has exposed me to many things in this world that I was not aware of. I only found this podcast a couple of years ago but I have listened to as many episodes as I can from the backlog.


The Skeptics' Guide 5x5

This is a sister show with the same cast as the main show. It is a shorter format usually having a length of between five and ten minutes. Also each episode is devoted to a single topic where each of the rogues throw information into the conversation. Their topics include items like logical fallacies and cryptozoology. The show is not regularly scheduled and just pops up in the feed now and then.


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