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Podcasts That I Enjoy - Tekzilla and Tekzilla Daily Tip

You can find other posts in this series of podcasts that I enjoy here. Tekzilla

This is a bi-weekly (released on Tuesdays and Thursdays) podcast on the Revision3 network that reviews tech news of the week, attempts to answer viewers' questions, and reviews technology products and media. The main hosts are Patrick Norton, Veronica Belmont, and Robert Heron. Patrick is typically on every episode while Robert and Veronica switch out every other episode. The episodes typically run around 45 minutes in length and start with some technology news followed by some viewers' questions. Then there are some short segments where either the hosts or some of the special guests review some products or go into detail about a specific topic. This show is well produced and the hosts make the content even that much more enjoyable to watch with their casual banter. Entertaining and informative.



Tekzilla Daily Tip

This is a sister show of Tekzilla that is released daily during the week when it's bigger brother show is not released. This is a short format show that lasts around two minutes in length (with half of that being a sponsor commercial) and it typically consists of some sort of hint or tip in the use of technology. There are a wide range of topics that these episodes cover but they generally relate to doing something specific on a computer such as tweaking your browsers to changing your desktop background.


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